Our Formula

Our Formula

We care about the users of the MindYourself app, so we ensure it’s evidence based and evaluated.

MindYourself app

The app is an evolving digital platform.  We work alongside academic partners to ensure MindYourself is evaluated at each stage of its development and changes made to improve it for our users.

Our Principles

We follow these steps so MindYourself app is effective in preventing and addressing the mental health conditions of health and social care workers:

  • Carry out research & evaluate our platform
  • Findings from these are used to improve the usability and content
  • We are continually learning and are open to all feedback we receive

Our Values

RESPONSIVE: we aim to respond to any queries, requests in a timely manner and listen to what you really want from us.

CREATIVE: many of the organisations we have worked with have described that we ‘think outside the box’ in order to engage clients and deliver complex psychological information in a fun and accessible way.

DIVERSE: as an organisation we continue our journey to learn, reflect and take action to be a more inclusive and safer place for all.

PASSIONATE: we love what we do and are highly motivated to support people and organisations to be the best they can be.

INTEGRITY: for us matching our words and actions is an integral part of our core values.  We are open to honest feedback and welcome this from all we work alongside.

Our Expertise

We have a combined experience of over 50 years supporting individuals, teams and organisations impacted by a range of mental health conditions. Additionally, we have led research projects, national programmes and developed mental health services.

Dr Jan Smith

Founder and CEO

Dr Jan Smith is a Psychologist, Executive Coach and Researcher. Jan has a Clinical Doctorate in Health Psychology and PhD in Psychology.  She has particular expertise in behaviour change on an individual, team and organisation level.  Jan is passionate about finding innovative ways to support others and help them strive.

Dr Mike Smith

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Mike Smith is a Clinical Psychologist, having supported those impacted by acquired brain injury for most of his career. 

Mike works to reduce the stigma people face when reaching out for mental health support and creates digital solutions to do this.

Dr Rachel Lee

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Rachel Lee is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, an EMDR and CBT therapist.  Rachel has led mental health services and a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy service.  Rachel enjoys bringing creativity into her work and novel ways to engage clients in therapy and psychological concepts.