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The mental health of health and social care workers impacts all of us


Mental health conditions are consistently the highest reason for sickness absence in the NHS. Even at its lowest level in 2020, it accounted for 21% of sickness absence, c472,000 FTE days lost in a single month.

*Based on UK research


have taken work stress

related sick leave in 2022

Attempted suicides in healthcare workers are continuing to rise.

2.5 million

working days

These days have been lost in the NHS due to mental health-related absence in 2020/21.


Social care staff

have left social care in 2021, with stress and burnout sited as one of the contributing factors

Immediate, personalised mental health coaching at work

It’s not buildings, equipment or resources that make up the health and social care system, its workers.  Universally, their skills, experiences, expertise and goodwill have brought us through a global pandemic.


This has come at a cost to their own mental health and wellbeing. MindYourself app is an immediate personalised coach to support health and social care workers’ mental health at work.

Whole system thinking and scalable support

Organisations can be more than places where employees’ mental health is ‘managed’. Instead these can be environments where their mental health flourishes.  With the right support at each level of the organisation, in addition to the MindYourself app, we give workers the tools needed to optimise their mental health and thrive in their role. We do this through

– Wellbeing & Leadership programmes

– Psychological Boost Workshops

Proactive, personalised and measurable

The MindYourself app is a proactive approach, intervening before health and social care workers’ mental health deteriorates. It enables them to measure their own mental health and receive personalised content to help it develop positively.

The MindYouself app works in two ways, prevention and maintenance

It allows healthcare professionals to recognise the symptoms of burnout, moral injury, compassion fatigue and trauma and assists them to navigate through these feelings by supporting and guiding them to take progressive steps towards reaching a better mind space.

MindYourself will aid your team to foster self-compassion and teach them how to steer themselves into a healthier and more confident state of mind in a difficult work environment.

Difficult Work Environments

Lacking the ability to navigate toxic workplaces reduces mental wellbeing within the work environment and willingness to participate in work duties, causing absent days at work.

Stress at Work

Burnout reduces, productivity, overall performance and attendance at work.

Increased Staff Turnover

Compassion fatigue reduces job satisfaction, combined with burnout results in health and social care professionals leaving their jobs.