Our Story

Our Story

About Us

We are what we do. At MindYourself app our values are the thread that run through our actions. We believe that people should not be wounded by the jobs they love to do or the jobs they need to do. This is what motivates our team to strive to create a digital platform that protects and addresses mental health.

Our Story

For over 10 years Dr Jan Smith had been striving to help workers flourish across different levels of their organisation.

She has led national programmes to help staff not just feel mentally okay, but be the person they want to be, thrive in their role and connect with the values that motivated them to work in their professions.


When the pandemic hit, like many others, Jan wanted to do all she could to support health and social care workers and so set up free weekly online drop-in sessions to provide support.

Many came, with harrowing accounts of their experiences and the impact these were having on their mental health. Jan provided practical, evidence-based tools to help them cope.


Wanting to do more to support health and social care workers she authored books to provide resources to help and reach others globally.  In discussing these issues with Dr Mike Smith, she realised that a digital platform could be a powerful tool to address the global problem of mental health in these sectors.  Mike’s expertise in neuroscience and neuropsychology has helped shape much of the practical content in MindYourself app.


MindYourself App is now supporting people across the Health and Social care system. But it hasn’t stopped there, it has already evolved to support individuals and team across and range of industry sectors. From Aviation, through Law and beyond, MindYourself app is providing essential support to many individuals that need it.

MindYourself app was launched in June 2022.